Tips For Buying An Affordable Hot Tub Or Portable Spa

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Most people first try a hot tub either on vacation, at a local health club or perhaps even at a friend’s house. Hot tubs can be great for relaxing with friends after a hard day at work. They help the body to unwind and relax in a healthy and totally natural way.

When initially enquiring about buying a hot tub or spa, many people get shocked when they find out that certain models can cost anywhere between $5000 and $10,000. This puts them out of the reach of a lot of people, but there is a more affordable alternative.

Portable spas can cost as little as $2500 to $3500. When you take into account the sheer enjoyment and health benefits associated with a hot water spa, you begin to see that these affordable hot tubs are worth every penny.

A portable hot tub or portable spa sits above ground and can be easily installed. They are normally engineered to be one-piece and are molded from highly durable and hardwearing plastic. Many weigh less than 250lbs and can be moved easily by one or two people.

Certain portable spas also make use of regular 110V power sockets instead of the higher 220V sockets. This means you can simply use an existing socket to power your portable spa. This is a major advantage because 110V sockets are much more common than 220V sockets.

When buying a portable spa it makes sense to buy a cover for it at the same time. A cover will help keep in the heat and help keep the water clean.

You should also make sure you know how to keep your hot tub clean. The hot tub should come with a filter but you should also clean the water line on a daily basis to prevent any build up of bacteria, algae or dirt.

You will also need to check the sanitizer levels. The sanitizer is what will destroy the bacteria and keep algae levels down. You will need to purchase test strips to test it. You should also check the PH level of the water to prevent corrosion or scaling.

On a weekly basis you will also need to oxidize the water with some good non-chlorine shock This will keep your water looking as clean and sparkling.

For more information about portable hot tubs and portable spas please visit

Things To Consider When Buying Home Fitness Equipments

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There are a hundred lots of home fitness equipment nowadays that are sold in the market. Do not make the mistake in buying something and then regretting why you bought it after a day or two. Home fitness equipments vary and you should always have one good reason to buy it. Don’t believe on everything commercials tell you about the equipment. Some equipment may seem easy to use on television but n fact will not really work for you. Try to ask yourself first of these questions before you grab your wallet and buy that equipment.

Do you need it? The equipment should suit your interests and needs. The activities that you will do with that equipment should be challenging and something to enjoy on. Buying equipment is never a guarantee that you will use it especially if it is something new that makes it harder to use. Make sure that you already know the equipment and that it is something that you already tried in a fitness club. Start from buying small equipments that are aligned to your interests.

Can you afford it? Don’t be fooled with the thought that you will be forced to use something because you spent too much money for it. Expensive equipments are never an assurance that you will use them or that they are effective for you. Always consider how much are you willing to pay for certain equipment. Also ask yourself iif it is worth it. Always check on the quality before you buy equipment. The price may be too low but consider that the quality can also be low. Or it may be expensive but then the quality is not that good. You can try choosing on cheaper alternatives but not sacrificing the quality of the equipment.

You may also want to check out for some used equipments. Most of the time, this is where you find a better deal. You can even find equipments that do not seem to have been used at a very low rate. Or you can find the equipment 3 months old but the price is almost half the original.

Do you have enough space for it? This is often what buyers forget to consider. Try to consider first where to place a treadmill before buying it. Before you buy something, make sure you know where you will place it. Your place may not accommodate the equipment. Plan ahead and make sure that the equipment can be placed in your home without causing any hassle.

Is it safe for you? If you have existing conditions, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that the equipment will be safe for you. Some equipment may be painful to use and might cause harm to your body. So make sure to try it first be fore you buy it.

It also suggested that you first consider if a gym near you already has that equipment. You can save money by just registering to that gym and use that equipment compared the price you will spend if you will buy that product.

Buying fitness equipments should be bought with consideration. Do not buy by impulse. Always ask the opinion of a professional gym instructor before you buy something.

Be Lean, Mean Tips For Buying Those Fitness Equipment Machines

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How do you regularly stay fit, healthy and flexible? A hale and hearty diet of nutritious fruits and vegetables is the key as well as regular and continuous exercise.

The best exercise is one that you are really and sincerely going to be working out on, be it push-ups, stretches, jumping jacks or the regular jogging or the much tamer walking. However, there are people who prefer to work out using fitness equipment in their own homes.

The following are a few basic and important things to consider when buying those exercise equipments.

Do not believe what you see and hear

At least not everything, it is good if you assess all those claims exercise equipments declare in their advertisements. It is so hard to accept as true for example some statements that assure people that they will lose several pounds off their weight in as little as seven days or that you will decrease your pants size in one month. Even with the assistance of dietary supplements, it is not possible to accomplish changes as major as these in just a few weeks, much less days.

Fat Burner is a No Burner

Be skeptical about claims that say you will be able to burn a tremendous amount of fat in a specific area of your body, such as the hips, thighs, waist just by applying a specific type of ointment or lotion, etc. The only sure way to burn all those fat way is by changing what you eat. Exercise is the best solution to works out every area of the body whose fat you want to get rid of.

The only testimonial that counts is yours

Before and after pictures of people who claim that they were able to lose weight because of using such and such equipments may or may not be true. If ever they are, their experience is purely personal and that is no assurance that your unique body weight, body make-up will also undergo the same change they went through.

Read the fine print

It is always advisable to read the fine print of anything. Though you believe that the fitness equipment you are planning to purchase is a good one, reading the fine print really wouldn’t hurt as it may say that you also have to decrease your calorie intake and not just rely on what the machine could do for you.

Do the math

There are advertising statements that say you could pay off the fitness equipment in a number of easy payments or by paying a mere thirty nine ninety five a month. Do not forget to inquire about shipping and handling costs and include that in your calculation. Also, add-on the required sales tax, delivery fees, set-up fees. Know all the details before you purchase.

Guarantee the warranty

It is best that you consider asking about details on their thirty day money back guarantee. Though this could sound good to you as the consumer, it may or may not actually do you good if for example you are going to return the item. You may actually pay for the humongous shipping cost and it could cost you more than what you could guarantee to receive in thirty days.

Call customer service

Make sure you contact their customer service hotline. Usually, they have toll-free numbers that you must be able to easily contact as well as a customer service representative who must be glad to be able to take your call and answer thoroughly all or any questions you may have about their products and services.

Buying Viagra At Online Pharmacies

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The fastest and the easiest way to get prescription medications or drugs is by utilizing the services offered by virtual pharmacies found on the Internet today. In these licensed pharmacy websites, you can buy prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, as well as lifestyle medicines such as Viagra.

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a popular lifestyle drug that is used as treatment to erectile dysfunction. This drug is initially developed to increase the blood flow in certain parts of the body as well as relaxes muscles. Now, the drug aids men in their erection problems. Hence, Viagra helps in further improving one’s sex life. Since having a satisfying sexual life is really important among males, Viagra is the best drug choice of most men today.

Known for its safety and efficiency, Viagra is recommended to men of all ages. However, the intake of this drug should be determined by a licensed and competent doctor since diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is required.

Viagra is safe to be taken by men who are also prescribed to take other types of medications. The said drug does not have any negative interaction with certain medications for depression or high blood pressure. However, Viagra is not safe to be taken alongside drugs that contain nitrate.

Where to buy Viagra drugs?

If your doctor gives you a go signal to take Viagra, you can order and buy it at either local drugstores or licensed online pharmacies. Buying Viagra at online pharmacies is the best option for most men, as it is a more convenient, easier, and faster way of obtaining one’s needed medication.

However, you should be careful in choosing which site to get Viagra from, for the Internet is swarming with rogue pharmacies that sell contaminated drugs or medications to their clients. Opt to order and purchase this type of lifestyle drug at authorized and licensed Internet pharmacies to avoid health complications and money losses.

How is Viagra taken?

Viagra should be taken exactly as it was prescribed by a licensed doctor or physician. Never take it in larger dosages or for a longer duration than what the doctor recommends. Intake of Viagra actually varies according to a person’s current erectile dysfunction condition. In addition, remember that Viagra works only when there is sexual stimulation. This means that erection is not possible by just mere intake of the Viagra pill. Do not expect an erection if there is no physical stimulation.

What are the side effects of Viagra?

Just like other forms of medication, Viagra is also known to give notable side effects. Physicians recommend an immediate discontinue of using Viagra and seek medical attention when allergic reactions such as swelling of tongue, lips, throat, and face suddenly occur. Discontinue of Viagra intake is also advised to men who experience numbness, dizziness, and tingling in the arms and neck during sexual activity.

Non-serious side effects of Viagra are the following:

* Headache
* Back pain
* Upset stomach
* Redness and warmth in the chest and neck

Buying A Wheelchair Lift For Your Vehicle

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Wheelchair lifts are very convenient for those who are using wheelchairs and often need to transport the equipment. Mobility will never be hampered if you have one installed. A stroll in the park or a visit to the mall can be easier if you can load and unload your wheelchair without much effort. This is the foremost reason why wheelchair lifts are being installed to more cars nowadays. There are many choices which a prospect buyer can choose from. It is necessary to know the fundamental information about wheel chair lifts in order to be successful in making the purchase.

There are two main types of wheelchair lifts which one can easily install on any vehicle. The internal vehicle wheelchair lift, as the term suggests, can be stored inside the vehicle and is most commonly placed in the rear part of the car. This internal lift type is a permanent one. You need not worry about your wheelchair getting wet in the rain or exposed to dust and other elements since it is stored inside. In choosing an internal carrier, be sure to consider you car’s space, most especially in the rear. This is best suited for SUVs or wagons with ample space for storage.

There is also the external wheelchair lift which is attached at the back of the vehicle. This is suited for medium cars and sedans. An external wheelchair carrier is only appropriate if the wheelchair you are using is light to medium built. A heavy mechanized one will be too much load for external lifts and will place so much stress to the frame. This is very important because you are going to carry it in your rear for the duration of your trip and you may lose some due to material breaks. You can only use an external wheelchair lift if you travel short distances only.

Today, there are many variations of wheelchair lifts according to its manner of usage and operation. There are electrical types, powered by the cars 12 volt system which can hoist the wheelchair with a few press of the button. There are also lifts which are operated mechanically. These lifts are normally less costly because they do not need electric motors and wiring service.
Choosing the right wheelchair lift for you car is not a difficult task. What you only need to figure out is the weight of your wheelchair and the average travel distance that you usually take. From there you can somehow choose whether to go for and external one or an internal lift. Lastly, your car’s compatibility to these lifts is equally important.

Buying An All In One System

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These days, more and more people are turning away from memberships to gyms and instead choosing to invest money in a home gym. You can put a home gym in a spare corner of your home, or even in the basement if you wish. Along with helping you save money by combining several different types of equipment into one machine, these types of equipment can easily fit in small spaces and type up a lot less weight than their individual counterparts.

When you are considering to buy an all in one piece of exercise equipment, you should first think about your goals. You should consider what you hope to achieve from exercising and just how well this piece of equipment will benefit you.

There are several types of all in one equipment for exercise on the market and almost all of them are advertised well on television, in magazines, and on the internet. The most popular types on the market are those types that are geared towards individuals who are interested in lifting weights.

Right now, the two most popular types of all in one exercise systems are the Bowflex and Total Gym brands. The Bowflex system uses resistant bows that bend instead of the traditional weights that simply lift. Bowflex is designed to fit a wide variety of budgets and needs, it’s widely adaptable and extremely popular as well.

To make things even better, you can store the basic Bowflex system in small and tight places, even under a bed if you choose. The larger and more expensive Blowflex system competes with the types of professional equipment that you can find in gyms, which allow you a quality workout on quality equipment.

The Total Gym system is great as well, as it is advertised by martial arts legend Chuck Norris and supermodel Christie Brinkley. It is less expensive than the Bowflex and uses gravity and resistance instead of traditional weights. By using this system, you have the ability to adapt the machine to a wide variety of exercises that will work many different areas of your body.

When you make that decision about buying an all in one exercise system, you must also decide on price, features, brand, and just who will use the machine. If your family plans to use it as well, then you’ll need to get a system that everyone will agree on. You obviously wouldn’t want a machine that is too complicated for others in your home.

Even though Bowflex and Total Gym are the 2 most popular types of all in one equipment, there are several others out there as will, from brands such as Weider and many others. Before you make your choice, you should look at several to see which one offers you more for your money.

8 Tips To Consider When Buying A Treadmill Or Elliptical

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1. Stay away from orthopedic belts. We don’t recommend them because 1) a good pair of running shoes provide more cushioning 2) they hold in heat which shortens belt life, motor life, and electronics life 3) the increased weight of the belt shortens bearing life in the rollers.

2. Do your research and get several price quotes from several different stores. Typically, the more you deal with the various companies, the better deals they will come up with such as discounts, free product, financing specials, etc.

3. Tread carefully when buying over the Internet. Some companies, like Landice and True, will void your warranty if bought over the Internet and some have restrictions on delivery distances from an authorized dealer. If in doubt, call or email the factory. Another issue related to Internet buying is delivery. Many of us in the business know how difficult it is to ship a single treadmill or elliptical without having it damaged so deal with a company that has been doing it a long time and has already learned how to do it. Another issue to keep in mind is what you are going to do if you don’t like the machine. Most companies accept returns but the cost to ship the treadmill back to the factory can easily cost hundreds of dollars so it is quite an expensive trial test if the machine is returned. Also curbside delivery literally means what it says…the trucking company will sit it on the curb and it’s your problem to get it into the house, so either pay for inside delivery or have help ready. Another issue is service…some internet companies have good service networks and others don’t but remember that you probably won’t get the type of personalized service you should expect from a local dealer.

4. Do take care of your treadmills. Whether they require quite a bit or little maintenance, keeping the treadmill or elliptical clean and the walking belt lubricated on the treadmill can be the difference between having a great treadmill or a money pit. Refer to our Treadmill or Elliptical Care Pamphlet for maintenance instructions.

5. If you are considering used machines, really do you homework, and then do it again. We do rebuilding jobs for local health clubs all the time and do this work occasionally for people who are buying health club models for the home but to do it right costs quite a bit and if someone is telling you they have a used or rebuilt at an amazing price, you typically aren’t getting the entire story.

6. Since buying a treadmill is a huge investment for most people, choose your dealer and factory carefully. As with any product, a brand new company may not be around in a few years, parts can be very specific to machines and spares may not be available if the factory isn’t around. A dealer for a reputation for high quality and personalized service is necessary for some people. Other people feel confident in servicing their own equipment, so figure out which one you are and buy accordingly. If you know one end of a wrench from the other, you might want to save a few dollars with an Internet purchase. Others may need to pay for the full-service price you should get from a local dealer but if you pay the higher price, demand the higher service level.

7. Treadmills and ellipticals are different than many other home appliances. Remember, we rate a treadmill average if it has a breakdown only once every 5 years…that’s average! Extended warranties can make sense if the manufacturer has a short warranty and if you get it from a reputable extended warranty company. Remember the dealer is typically not the warranty provider and many have gone out of business over the years and others are hard to deal with. For instance, UTS (Icon’s warranty company) is the best we have ever dealt with. If you get an Icon machine, buy the UTS warranty…it will be well worth it. UTS’s number is 800-677-3838. Also, Sears has a good extended warranty program and it typically pays for itself if you use the machine. On the other hand, we have had problems with the company called N.E.W. and many others have gone out of business so do your research on your warranty company if you have never heard of them.

8. A great final tip is if you want to save a bit of money. Due to the influence of Asian parts, the lower end treadmills and ellipticals are getting better and better while the price is holding the line and the ones being made today in the $800 range are much better than the $800 machines made 10 years ago. If you need to save a few bucks and your doctor says it is OK, use a few degrees of incline always when you use your machine. If the machine is well maintained and if you use a bit of incline (on the treadmill), you can get by with a bit less of a machine than you might otherwise need. The incline allows gravity to take over quite a bit of the workload from the drive system. A treadmill used with just a slight incline will last much longer than a comparably cared for treadmill that is used at a flat level.

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